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 Multiemail Pro is a new mass mailing software and is designed and promoted as a "spam free" tool. It's a powerful program designed to automate your business mailings and send thousands of highly customized emails per hour to your customers or prospects. Multiemail Pro has six databases. This unique feature helps you keep your mailing lists organized and makes editing the individual groups a snap. You can use MultiEmail Pro to send sales material, newsletters and new product announcements to your customers. It also has filters that allow messages to be sent only to specified addresses, based on the content of the chosen field from your database. You can import different E-Mail groups and contacts from MS Outlook, text files or your MS Access database
Multiemail Pro uses intuitive command options on the main form, eliminating complicated sub-options. Click here to order now


General Features (Multi Email Pro Portable edition) screen shots    Comparison Chart
  • Six built in databases.
  • Send a web page in your email message with active links and images. New!
  • Import mailing lists from Text files or MS Outlook.
  • Import MS Access database fields directly into the Multiemail Pro databases New!
  • Send e-mail messages to the specific records based on selected criteria. For example, you can send your messages to a specific area code, or to a specific zip, based on your selections.
  • Work on two computers (in the office & at home) using the same settings and data (lists).(New!)
  • Multiemail Pro will never expose your mailing list to your recipients like typical email programs do.
  • Send messages in HTML or Text format.
  • Send personalized HTML or text formatted email messages with a customized subject line and customized message body. (New!)
  • Extract addresses from your "Reports Page" (HTML or Txt) or from the web
  • Subscribe/unsubscribe option (By active link that contains recipients e-mail address).
  • Up to two signatures automatically inserted on the bottom of the message.
  • Works with huge mailing lists.
  • Safe recovery - If your computer crashes in the middle mailing, MultiEmail Pro safely recovers it to the state it was before the crash so you can resume from that point.
  • Detailed log of sending results.
  • Load DNS Sever Automatically
  • Shut Down Computer automatically after mailing is complete.
  • Save messages for later use.
  • Preview your message before sending.
  • Send up to 4000 messages in one hour with  56KBPs modem. Not enough?
  • Unlimited mailing list size
  • Choose the From: address
  • Automatically eliminates duplicate and dead addresses.
  • Advanced list management features make it easy to add, change, and remove recipients from the mailing list.





Price $89    Order Now . Like to test drive before you buy  Download  a trial version.
The trial version limits the number of messages that can be sent.

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