working with addresses

Adding Records

 Select a group to add e-mail addresses to, on the main screen of the application.

 Press [Add Record].

 Fill in the form with all known information. For best results you should have at least the name. That allows

 you to use the customized mailing features of MultiEmail.




When you are done with the first record, press [Save].

Repeat the process for each address.


Exporting addresses


With this option you are able to export Email addresses, names, and other custom fields of recipients to plain text files.

Your addresses will be saved to a plain-text file (lines are separated by hard returns, and each line of the file contains

the email address, name and custom fields of a single recipient divided by commas.



To see how to load the entire list of addresses you will need to refer to the topics covered in the following sections:

Import List from File

Import from MS Access database

Import from MS Outlook







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