Remote administration


This option is designed to give you total access to your Multiemail application

 from any computer in the world. Here is how it works:

 Administrator, from another location (City or Country) creates an email with a specific

 information in the subject line that only Multiemail can understand. After receiving and

 analyzing the information in the second location, Multiemail starts mass mailing with

 the message received from the remote location.

To activate this function go to the Tools/Server configurations/Signature/Remote Control

 tab and check the “Activate remote administrator” check box. Enter a 4 digit password as

 an authentication. To use this function the only requirement is leaving the software running

 on your desktop. Everything else can be done from a remote location by sending a message

 with 8 secret numbers in the subject line to the location where Multiemail is located. In the

picture below you can see what the subject line of a message using this option looks like





          The command code in the subject line looks like this &1234&700&1&

         The first 4 digits "****" between & and & are authentication numbers. If those 4 numbers

         correspond to the 4 numbers in the remote control configuration of Multiemail software,

         the mailing can proceed. Number 700 in the picture represent the number of messages

         to be sent. The number "1" at the end of the command code, tells the program to send

         a test message to the sender, (in this case to you), before the mailing is started. If the

         test message is passed you need to replace the number "1" with the number "2" and

         send the same message again. After receiving this number in the subject line

         &1234&700&2& Multiemail will start mailing to 700 recipients.



         Your recipients won't see the command code &1234&700&2&. This number is removed from

         the subject line after the mailing is started.