Creating a customized HTML Message

Creating a customized HTML message with MS Word or MS Front Page


1. Open MS Word or FrontPage program, and click in the File | New menu.

2. Copy and Paste the text below into the MS Word/FrontPage document.



+++++++++++++Message body start++++++++++++++++++++++++


Name [[Name]] [[LastName]]

Address [[Address]]

Email [[Email]]


Hi [[Name]],


Here is your bank account information

Account Number: [[CustomField1]]

Account Balance: $[[ CustomField 2]]


Thank you for your time. Please contact us if the above information is incorrect.


++++++++++++Message body end+++++++++++++++++++++++++



3. Click on File | Save As

4. Enter a file name (sample) and click [Save].

5. Make sure it is saved in Web page format (*.htm *.html)

6. Go to the MultiEmail Main screen.

7. Click [Add Record] to add customer info in the database - for example:

   a) In the field Name insert: Joe

   b) In the field Last name insert: Doe

   c) In the field Email insert:

   d) In the field Address insert: 213 Street Small Wile, OH 12345.

   e) In the field CustomField 1 insert number: 1234-1234-1234-1234

   f) In the filed CustomField 2 insert: 1234.56.

   g) Click [Save].

8. Run MultiEmail

9. Click on the File | Open HTML Message menu.

10. Find your already created HTML file and click on the Open menu

11. Click the Preview tab and you will see something like this:




Note: The pictures are not always available in a preview mode.


Only the following fields can be customized, and inserted into the message:

- Status

- Unsubscribe

- Salutation

- FirstName

- LastName

- JobTitle

- Company

- Address

- City

- State

- Zip

- PostalCode

- Country

- Phone

- Fax

- Email

- AlternativeEmail

- WebSite

- CustomField1

- CustomField2

- CustomField3

- CustomField4


You can edit the source of your HTML message directly in the message window.

To customize your e-mail, you can do the following:

1.  Insert the cursor in the text at the point where you want the field data to be inserted.

2.  Click the field name that you want from the list on the top right corner (Name, LastName, E-mail, CustomField...)

3.  The customized information will be pasted automatically into the message.

When you preview the message MultiEmail replaces the field names with the data from your records. Each customer

will receive an e-mail with their personal information in the message.

For Example: [[Name]] [[Last Name]] will look like: John Smith after the e-mail has been sent. Be sure that all the

records in the mailing list contain data in the field that you choose. If a record does not contain data in the field, the

email displays blank space instead of information.

4. Click on Preview tab to preview your message.













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