Creating a customized Text Message



You can insert all your database fields into the body of your email message.


 To create a customized text e-mail message:


1. Click on the Message editor tab

2. Click on the Open icon in the toolbar and select Plain Text Message menu.


3. Position the cursor in the message at the point where data should be inserted.
4. Click the field name that you want, in the Field list on the top right-hand corner,



     It will look like this: [[Name]], [[LastName]], [[E-mail]], [[ExtraRecord]]

      When you preview the message Multiemail replaces the field names with the data from

     your records. Each customer will receive an e-mail with their personal information in

     the message. For Example: [[Name]] [[Last Name]] will look like: John Smith after the

     e-mail has been sent.

     Be sure that all the records in the mailing list contain data in the field that you choose.

     If a record does not contain data in the field, the email displays blank space instead of



 The procedure above  you can use to customize the body of the message and 

 subject line in your Text or HTML message (see picture below).