Embedded Images


 When images are added to email correspondence, the communication

 becomes more dynamic. The recipient gets an immediate impression

 of your products and marketing messages. There are two ways to

 insert images into emails:


 The easiest method (not always the best one) is to simply insert

 the image into the email. You can use this feature if you don't have

 a server to upload your files to:

To use this option do the following:
1. Create an HTML message in HTML editor such as  MS Front Page.
2. Insert your pictures and press Save As (Web Page).

3 The pictures must be on your hard drive.

4. Click on File/Open/HTML message.
5. Open already created message.




The message will look like this






In some cases, it will look like this:



In both cases the pictures will be included in the message

and the recipient will be able to see them.








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