Importing the list from a Text File


Because the program supports CSV and MDB data formats,

you can import data prepared by Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, etc.

Multiemail supports plain-text files where lines are separated

by hard returns, and each line of the file contains e-mail address.


Multiemail also supports plain-text database files where fields are separated by comma ","

Joe, Doe,, Export-Import Company, 990 785 2563, AL






To load a mailing list from a text file (emails only)


 1. Click on File from the tool bar, select File/Import List/From Text File (emails only)


 2. Select the file to import and click the Open button.

    The file must be in .txt format with email addresses separated by hard returns.


 If your list contains information not only about e-mail addresses, but also about

 recipient names, and custom fields, use the option

 "File/Import List/From MS Access" or  "File/Import List/From Text File (.csv, .txt, .asc)" You can find more help about

 this option in "Importing the list from Multi-field database" section of this Help.