importing a list from file

This program supports CSV and MDB data formats, therefore you can import data prepared by Microsoft Excel,

Microsoft Access, etc. MultiEmail supports plain-text files where lines are separated by hard returns, and each

line of the file contains an e-mail address.


And plain-text files where fields are separated by comma ","

Joe, Doe,, Export-Import Company, 990 785 2563, AL


To load a mailing list from a text file (emails only)


1.       Click on File from the tool bar, select File | Import List | From File (emails only).

2.       Select the file to import and click [Open]. The file must be in .txt format.





 If your list contains information not only about e-mail addresses, but also about the recipient names, and custom

 fields, use the option File | Import List |From File (multi-field DB). You can find more help about this option in the

 next section of this Help.




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