Sending Email


After creating your message, press the Send icon or press [Send] to start the sending process.





Sending a specified number of messages


Either before or after you create your e-mail message; you can set the number of e-mails that will be sent

at a time. To set this number: On the MultiEmail Main screen, select the Options menu and click the [Sending Options].

Enter the number of e-mails you want to send out. (This number must be less than the total number of your e-mails in the selected group).




Alternative Body


The alternative body is displayed in email clients that cannot display HTML.  To include an alternative body into the

message, open the message editor form and click on [Alternative Body] tab.


Real time Email verifying


MultiEmail uses internal SMTP server and internal DNS server to check if an email address still exists, even before the

sending process is started. This feature can reduce the instance of returned mails by 80%. However, this option will slow

down the sending process for about 30-40%.






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