Keywords for subscribe/unsubscribe requests


One of the features of the MultiEmail program is to process the subscribe/unsubscribe requests automatically,

 relieving you of the burden of doing it manually. It is sufficient to insert HTML code in the email message and

 then the email responses will be recognized by the program automatically.

To use this feature you will need to do the following first:


Activate Subscribe Option:


1. For each group you will need to specify the “Keyword” for requests. The keywords can match any other

    group, this will result in mixed up emails in the database. The default keywords would work.


2. You have the option to delete the processed email from the server after the subscribe request has been

    processed. To enable this option click on the [Delete from the server after processing] check box.





To complete the [Subscribe/Unsubscribe] feature go to the [Links for Requests] tab.

Links for subscribe request


To use your current email address:

To use your current email address, select the [Use my email from the Server configuration form] checkbox. You can create a return email address for the requests which need to be returned. This is the email address to which the subscribe messages will be sent. Keep in mind that if you are sending large number of emails, then the [Incoming mail retrieves] schedule is set to a shorter email checking interval. The load of incoming messages can be so big that your mail server will block any additional email messages/requests.





Create Links Button:

To generate the necessary HTML code for the Subscribe option, you have to click [Create Links]. MultiEmail will create

 a generic [HTML subscribe code] which will be inserted later into your HTML message and will look similar to this:


HTML subscribe email code:

<p>To subscribe to our newsletter please click<a href= " ?subject=SUBSCRIBE-1"  > here </a>or

send an e-mail message with the word SUBSCRIBE-1 in the subject line </p>


To include this link in your HTML message do the following:

1.       Click File | Open HTML Message to open the message.

2.       Click Insert Link- Subscribe Requests.

3.       Or, if you are using other HTML editor, just insert this unsubscribe code in your HTML message.





HTML subscribe email appearance:

To subscribe to our newsletter please click here or send an e-mail message with the word SUBSCRIBE-1 in the subject line





Reset button:

The reset button will delete your generated HTML code and set the text fields to blank.


How does it work?

When the program encounters a message it will try to check if the subject line matches one of the keywords for

 subscribe requests.  If it matches, the program will add the email address in one of the six lists, according to the

subscribe keyword for the group in the subject line.


For example:

Subscribe keyword for email group 3 in this example is: “Subscribe-3” If the incoming email subject line contains the

word "Subscribe-3", the [From:] field “user email address” will be added to the group number 3.






There are two ways to process/add subscribe requests:

- Using the email address from the [From:] field.

- Using the email address found in the received [message body]





To Activate the Subscribe Processing:

1.         Open the [Keywords for Subscribe/Unsubscribe] Tab

2.         Check the [Activate Subscribe Option] check box

3.         Enter [keywords or phrase] for every email group

4.         Press [Save Changes].



 Important: Email messages downloaded from the server by your default email client will

 not be available in Multiemail. We recommend that you occasionally check for incoming

 subscribe/unsubscribe requests in Multiemail before you download messages by reading

 mail in your default email client.






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