Undeliverable messages


Watch for undeliverable messages:


This option enables the program to stay aware and keep track of your incoming emails for returned, undeliverable

 messages or addresses of destinations where service is unavailable. The messages will be deleted from the server

 immediately. To enable this function click on the [Watch for undeliverable messages] check box. You have the option

 to enable the [Match Whole word only], which like the option says looks for exact  match only and deletes the email.

 Or, simply enable the [Delete undeliverable messages from the server] option. This option will only delete messages

 which could not be delivered to the recipient.




 Add Keyword/ Delete Keyword:

 You can also create filters by adding specific keywords after which MultiEmail will delete emails automatically for you.

 After each incoming email has been received, MultiEmail will inspect the subject lines and compare it to this list, and

 accordingly delete files from the server. Keywords can easily be deleted from the database as well.

 1. Click on the keyword to be removed

 2. Click [Delete Keyword] to remove it.


 To complete the [Subscribe/Unsubscribe] feature go to the [Email Editor] section.





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