Using the charset option

People from different countries need to be reached in their own regional dialect. The reason being, some characters

 in their language are not supported by standard "English" keyboard layout. Hence we have multilingual support in the

 form of ASCII codes.


For example, by pressing and holding the [Alt] tab and entering 156, you get certain characters from the 255 ASCII range

character set. In this case that shortcut would be British pound symbol in Standard English layout. That same combination

would be a different symbol with a different char set for different audiences across the world.




For example if you have a friend in China: you would have to choose the Chinese char set. The combinations of

charsets as seen in the screenshot above should result in standard Chinese symbols to the receiver when the email reaches

him/her. If you do not opt for this, the email reaches the destination in an undecipherable manner.





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