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Server Configuration/Options

You MUST enter your server information before sending messages:

1. Connect to the Internet and start the Multiemail program.

2. Click the Server Configuration/Options button on the main screen.

     3. On the Server Configuration tab, enter your outgoing mail server  into the SMTP Server field.


SMTP servers for some common  ISP's
America Online - Does not support pop mail.

AT&T Worldnet - mailhost.worldnet.att.net

Earthlink - mail.earthlink.net or smtp.earthlink.net

Mindspring - smtp.mindspring.com

MSN - smtp.email.msn.com

Netcom - smtp.ix.netcom.com

Pacbell - mail.pacbell.net

Prodigy - smtp.prodigy.net

SBC Global - smtp.sbcglobal.net

SBC Global - Yahoo - smtp.sbcglobal.yahoo.com

SprintLink - smtp.a001.sprintmail.com


     4. In the  From Address field enter your e-mail address. Most mail servers require a valid "from" email address to deliver the  message.


     The server name and your e-mail address are required for the program to run correctly. You can press the Load DNS button and Multiemail will try to automatically fill in the SMTP mail server for you. However, if Multiemail cannot automatically detect those settings you will need to fill in the information manually.  If you need help finding the name of your SMTP mail server, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP), or your system administrator.

     5. Click the Save Changes button


       Important: If your PC is connected to a private network, Multiemail recommends you to use your SMTP server  name instead  of a DNS number.


5. Other options on the Server configuration form are:

E-mail Setup

Scheduling an automatic Receive

Select the check box if you want Multiemail to perform an automatic send/Receive. In the list box to the right you can specify the time interval in which the send receive is to be repeated.



Request a return receipt from all recipients

If you want to know whether your recipient has received the e-mail message, use this option. You will receive a conformation e-mail that your message has been received.


      Sending Delay option:

When you are sending large amounts of emails trough SMTP server, in 

become overloaded. For this reason we suggest you using the “Sending     Delay” feature, to prevent causing yourself problems with your ISP, for   overloading their server. You can set the delay length,

and how many emails to send before pausing.


    Login (Optional)

Some Outgoing SMTP servers require authentication (username and password) so you may need to ask them for the authentication information as well as the name of their SMTP Server


 The Signature is a few lines of text that will be added to the end of each  email sent. The signature can contain text, web addresses, or anything else you care to put. To use this option type the text in the field

above and press Insert/Signature on the Message editor form. This text is stored and reusable, until you decide to remove it.


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