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  Quick Start

If you are using the trial version of MultiEmail, there will be some restrictions. To remove these restrictions you will need to purchase the Full version of the software. To order the full version, do the following:

  1. Click the Buy online button to purchase.

  2. Email us the serial number and a registration key will be sent to you within 12 hours.

  3. Enter the key and press the Unlock button

Follow these steps to send your first message with Multiemail

First you will need to set the following email preferences:


-Return Information
-Email Server Information

 (If     In most cases these settings are loaded automatically by the program. However,

if        if Multiemail cannot automatically detect those settings, you will

         need to fill in the information manually.


In order to find your SMTP server name, the best way is asking your ISP. They will provide you the correct SMTP server name. You can also try to find it on your email client (MS Outlook or Outlook Express). In MS Outlook and Outlook Express: Go to the Tools | Accounts | Properties | Servers menu.


Copy the value in the "Outgoing mail (SMTP)" field and do the following:


1. Press the Server Info/Options button in the main window.On the    Server    Configuration tab enter your outgoing mail server, or SMTP server  name. In the Return Address field enter your email address to ensure message delivery. Click the Save Changes button to save the settings and exit.


2.Select a group by clicking on it, or click the Groups icon on the tool bar. Click the File/Import List on the main menu and select a source of your mailing list. Click the New Message icon to compose a message. Enter a subject and message and press the Send button


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