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MultiEmail is the ideal product for companies who need an efficient way of marketing their products and services to a relatively large group of existing customers. Expand your revenue potential with email advertisements, promote special offers to dealers or customers, or simply just stay in touch with a large audience through emailed newsletters. MultiEmail creates business opportunities using efficient permission based email marketing, while at the same time allowing you to focus on operating your business. Once your mailing list or database is loaded into the program, addresses can be added, removed or database records searched without re-loading the list each time. MultiEmail uses intuitive command options on the main form, eliminating complicated sub categories.




Professional bulk email software with a proven rock-solid email engine with built-in SMTP server, based on four years of research and development by the MultiEmail Software Company.


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MultiEmail Plus is a self-directed, powerful mass email software program, enabling you, the business owner, to execute your own mass email marketing programs automatically to millions of customers from your personal computer. You can email thousands of email messages to customers, clients or prospects, without the need to hire expensive outside contractors. Best of all, MultiEmail Plus includes all the comprehensive tools needed to completely automate your online business mailings.

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