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Multiemail Plus
Multiemail Server
  Databases incorporated.
  Alternative email address
  Embedded images
  Subscribe/Unsubscribe auto generating links
  Send fully personalized messages
  Send messages in HTML or Text format
  Detailed log of all sent messages
  Safe recovery
  Save and reuse messages.
  Message Preview
  Customized subject line.
  Customized "Reply To" email address.
  Automatically inserts the signature in the message body 
  Import MS Access fields into Multiemail  database

Customize the message body in your HTML or text formatted message.

Ability to automatically process incoming email (sign-ups, opt-outs, and bounce-backs)

  Ability to send an automatic reply to all incoming mail.

Send different attachments to different recipients based on database values

  Multi-part message body (HTML and plain text)
  Built in SMTP server
  Live update
  Import contacts  from   MS Outlook
  Import list from CSV files
  Email address verifier
  Free upgrades for life
  Print  hundreds of customized newsletters
  Remote Administration

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