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Version 6.04 May/11/2005


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MultiEmail Plus is a powerful mass email software, designed to automate your business by giving you the power to reach millions of people through their personal computer portal. This capability is achieved by sending thousands of email messages to your customers, clients, and lead lists for instance. It includes all the comprehensive tools needed to completely automate your online business mailings.


    General features:          


  • Six built-in databases.
  • Two built-in Auto-responders! Instantly reply to customers and subscribers who e-mail you with exactly the right message.
  • Supports Subscribe / Unsubscribe requests directly in the program.
  • Automatically removes bounced messages from your database and from the server.
  • Real time Email verifying.
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe Auto generating links
  • Supports Alternative to-email address for each recipient.
  • Send thousands of emails on one to one basis. Recipients never see other recipients email addresses.
  • Send a Web page in your email message with active links and pictures.
  • Imports mailing lists from Text files or MS Outlook.
  • Imports data from CSV files.
  • Imports MS Access database records directly into the Multiemail Server database.
  • Send messages in HTML or Text format
  • Multipart message body- Display alternate text to display in email programs that do not support HTML messages.
  • Set filters to send emails by geographic location (continent, country, area code, zip or geographical location) to target your emails to a certain area.
  • Personalized Subject line and the body of the message with 21 different fields from your database. Messages are addressed to individual subscriber names, so your communications won't be filtered into bulk mail folders by ISPs.
  • Send email messages with embedded images
  • Customized "Reply-to" address
  • Send a customized attachment to each recipient.
  • Unlimited attachments.
  • Supports 17 different character sets.
  • Start and stop mailings at any point, and pick up exactly from the point at which it was interrupted
  • List management - Remove from your list email addresses containing undesired strings.
  • Up to two signatures automatically inserted on the bottom of the message.
  • Safe recovery - If your computer crashes in the middle of mailing, MultiEmail Plus safely recovers it to the state it was before the crash so you can resume from that point.
  • Detailed log of sending results.
  • Preview your message before sending.
  •  Save your messages for later use.
  • Unlimited mailing list size.
  • Advanced list management features make it easy to add, change, and remove recipients from the mailing list.


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