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The most likely reason that prevents MultiEmail from sending emails is using the wrong SMTP server name in your server configuration. The second most common cause is using an improper return email address. Some email servers require the use of a return address that is the same domain as your ISP mail server, and it does not allow you to connect directly to the recipientís mail server.


Additionally, some antivirus programs and lines with firewalls can cause problems with sending the messages. You will need to contact your system administrator to reconfigure the firewall or antivirus program.


These problems are generally the only reasons why MultiEmail will not send email. This software is one of the most sophisticated of its kind and it is used successfully by thousands of satisfied customers around the world.


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Run-time error 429

If you recently updated your Windows you may get a run-time error 429.


You have to go to our web site, download and install the program again

This error came up after a release of a new MS windows update last month. This update deleted an ActiveX control needed for Multiemail to work correctly. Make sure you save your database file before you remove the old version of the program.



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