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Using a Filter to send Messages




   This option allows you to send e-mail messages to specific addresses based on multiple

    criteria, such as text contained in a field. The filter searches your records, and sends the

    messages only to those records that have met the filter criteria. For example, if you want

    To send a message only to recipients in California:

    1. Select the State filed from the dropdown menu.

    2.Turn the filter On by selecting one of the 7 available symbols in the dropdown box

       (the box "Like" in the picture above). 

    3. In the box on the right side of the Filter box insert the word CA.


    The program will search all records and send the message only to those in CA. The most

    powerful is the filter "Like"  in combination with (wildcard *). For example, if you want

    to send a message only to the recipients where area code is (260),  select the following

    statement <Phone Like 260*> (see picture above). The wildcard sign * can be used at the

    beginning of the word, as well as  in the middle of the word or number.


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